Meet Angela Price!

If you’re a hockey fan and hear the name Price, you probably find yourself thinking of the Montreal Canadiens Goalie, Carey Price. Another name you should be thinking about though is Angela Price. She is amazingly successful in her own right.

Angela does so much all while being the mother of three little ones and a wife of a hockey player. She runs a lifestyle blog that she shares stories about her children, favorite things she or Carey love, and talks about maintaining a healthy, balanced life. She recently started a clothing line with a friend called Line Change and designs items as well for the Canadiens. Let’s not forget she volunteers in the community with Carey!

I hope you enjoy this interview and are able to learn a little more about Angela and her family.

With out any further ado, meet Angela Price!

Photo credit: Angela Price

1. How would you describe yourself and what you do?

 Oh man, these days I feel like the question is more what do I not do? Haha. 

I am a wife, a mother, a blogger, and a small business owner. I started by blogging in 2014 which led to me being an Instagram influencer which then led to me taking the steps to turn that into my business in 2020. While doing that I also started LineChange with my good friend Julie Petry. It is a women’s fan apparel line, with a mission to bring fashion-forward clothing to sports leagues across North America. 

2. Who or what inspired you to start your blog (ByAngela) and new brand (Line Change)?

When I first moved to Canada for my boyfriend’s (at the time) Hockey career, I was so bored! I left my career in marketing and was really looking for something of my own. I enrolled in a number of different courses in Montreal trying to find something I could throw myself into without having any legal residency in Canada. I started blogging just for fun, little did I know that it would lead to everything it has. 

3. What does an average day look like for you? I’m sure between your different projects, being a mother to three and married to a hockey player it can be busy at times.

Every day is pretty busy, and I am constantly trying to find balance. Three days a week the two older kids are at school, so that is the time I take meetings and get as much computer work done, or when I am running around checking on suppliers. The other 4 days of the week I try to really be with the family, playing, sledding, cooking. I try to save any work for nap time and then a lot of it gets pushed to the evening. Most nights I get the kids to bed by 8pm and then catch up on computer work until about 11pm. 

Angela with her husband Carey and their family. Photo credit: Angela Price

4. What has been your favorite hockey memory with Carey?

Watching him take Gold at the Winter Olympics has got to my favorite memory! Watching your best friend achieve a lifetime goal is pretty rad! 

5. Covid has affected the sporting world a lot – seasons have been changed, shortened or canceled while some leagues have been moved to bubbles and hub cities. How has it affected you and your husband this year? 

We have been in this Covid world for just about a year now so we have really learned to just roll with it. There have been some hard times, like when Carey left for the NHL bubble for playoffs and we didn’t see him for 8 weeks. That was a long time for the kids! Luckily we are here with him in Montreal now though, and when we wish we were at the games we are having fun watching them from home and just happy we get to see him after the game when he gets home. 

6. What’s been your favorite part about being a hockey wife? What’s your least favorite?

You meet such great people in this hockey world, I have met some of my best friends! It is such a fun community to part of. My least favorite part would be the pressure put on the guys. When things are not going well at the rink it is almost impossible to turn that off when we are home. It’s constantly all around us and the only thing people want to talk about. 

Photo Credit: Angela Price

7. How has becoming a mother changed you? What is the most challenging aspect of that when it comes to hockey life?

I feel like it hasn’t really changed me, I just worry a million times more than I used to, haha. But I don’t feel much different than before kids.  But in the hockey aspect, I am really protective. It is no secret when things are going well with the team, it’s what everyone is talking about and people don’t hesitate to say hurtful things, we worry about our kids hearing those things now that they are getting older.  That is one thing we won’t put up with…if things start affecting the kids that is when hockey will be over for our family. 

8. You and Carey do so much in the community, can you tell us about that? What organizations and causes do the two of you support and work with?

We love giving back any way we can. We especially like organizations that help children and underserved communities so you will see a lot of the charities we support have these two things at the forefront. 

9. What is the best advice you can give to those looking to branch into having a blog or starting a brand like you have?

You just have to do it. Take the chance. I think the main reason we don’t chase dreams is out of fear, but you don’t want to look back at your life thinking “what if I would have….”. 

Photo Credit: Angela Price

10. What’s coming up next for you with your blog, community work and various projects?

Right now everything is really Line Change focused, when starting a new business you really have to put your all behind it. So I have put a few things on hold on my personal brand side of things for now until we get Line Change a little more established. 

11. What are five things you are currently loving?

• Meal delivery services (anything that saves me time)

• Just discovered TOK beauty out of Toronto and I am pretty obsessed with that

• The show the Sinner on Netflix, the hubby and I are just finishing up season 3

• CHic Camo sweatpants

•Mandy’s cookbook

12. Where can we find you online? Any social media handles or any projects that you would like to share.

Instagram: @byangelaprice    @linechangeco   

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