Happy Father’s Day!

Claude Giroux is celebrating his first Father’s Day. He and his wife Ryanne welcomed their first child, Gavin James, into the world last August. Ryanne often posts sweet moments of Claude with Gavin on her stories including bathtime, bike riding, storytime, rollerblading walks and holding Gavin while skating at family skates.

Clayton Kershaw is the father of three – Cali, Charley, and Cooper. A few cute tidbits about Clayton as a dad are he heard Cali’s heartbeat for the first time the day before he threw his no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies. These days she can be found cheering her dad and her “uncles” from the Dodgers on at the games. Meanwhile, his son Charley is all about baseball and can be found a lot of the time playing baseball with his dad.

Chase Utley is the father of two boys – Ben and Max. But if you were to ask any Dodgers fan they would probably tell you that Kiké Hernandez was also his son. Over the last year or so of Chase’s career Kiké became close to Chase. He jokingly called Chase dad and Chase would refer to him as his son. They even played it up a little for Chase’s bobblehead night when Kiké joined Chase, Ben and Max to tell the crowd “It’s time for Dodgers Baseball.”

Much like Claude Giroux, another athlete from Philadelphia is celebrating his first Father’s Day. Bryce Harper and his wife Kayla welcomed their son, Krew Aron, into the world in August. Bryce proudly displayed his son’s name on his bat and headband after his arrival and even some during the offseason as well.

Carson Wentz and his wife Maddie welcomed their daughter, Hadley Jayne, into the world in April. Carson has been sharing his experiences in fatherhood on his social media. That includes taking Hadley out for a walk/ride on their land, her dressed in an Eagles onesie with his name on it, and dressing her in camo so she can match him.

Nick Foles and his wife Tori welcomed their second child, Duke Nathan, into the world this week just in time for Father’s Day. Duke joins big sister Lily James. While Nick seems to get a lot of attention (much deserved!) for his Superbowl win with the Eagles, fans might know Lily as the little one that Nick was holding when he was awarded the MVP trophy.

Kris Bryant and his wife Jessica welcomed their first son, Kyler, into the world in April. Kris was openingly excited about Kyler’s arrival during a spring training interview when he spoke about becoming a father. A week or so before Kyler’s arrival a video was posted by Kris of Jessica taking BP. She did pretty great even though she was due anytime even if her husband insisted on zooming in on himself on the tv behind her to point out his own batting stance and swing.

TJ Oshie is the father of two children – Layla, Leni, and Campbell. TJ’s wife Lauren often posts sweet moments of TJ with their children. That includes moments like TJ dressing up as Prince Charming from Cinderella for his daughters or making a deal with Leni to score a goal for a donut.

Carey Price is the father of two girls – Liv and Millie. His wife Angela recently announced they are expecting their third child in the fall. When it comes to fatherhood Carey is a hands-on dad and can often be found with Liv fishing or camping and hiking with family.

Lebron James is the father of three children – Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. His sons seem to take after their father with playing basketball while his daughter (the youngest of the pack at 5) is busy with her YouTube channel that occasionally features her dad.

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